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Walking Under Gas Pipes

Today's Bottom Line is Driven by Real-time Data Acquistion

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Hyper Connect 

Hyperconnect puts every single remote device at your fingertips to monitor and control its behaviour and usage, and permits guranteed optimized connectivity via either terrestrial fibre, or through the NXT satellite nework. 




At 'Connected', we are satellite experts (LEO, MEO and GEO), and own and operate our own iDirect teleport earth station, and are members of the World Teleport Association, and manufacture auto-acquire satellites.



Communication Tower

Cellular Amplification 

'Connected' are experts at amplifying cellular transmission, boosting cell, and managing the data. Your site will full visibility on your usage and spends, with custom portals, firewalls and the ability to instantly switch from cell to satellite from anywhere on earth.



Industrial Intercoms

Our Intercom system is an advanced communication system with more capability than ever before. Originally purpose built for Oil and Gas drilling rigs, our Intercom systems provide a secure wireless communication platform throughout ANY work site.

Construction in Progress


Construction Site

Visual Monitoring and Security Solutions

While there are lots of products out there, and lots of companies providing services there are very few with purpose built systems that are built for rapid field deployment and quick setup. 

Connecting Dots
Construction in Progress



Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems

We provide critical SCADA capability via our satellite network to some of Canada's largest mid-stream pipeline players, who monitor pipeline data in real-time and trust our network to keep data flowing to ensure pipeline integrity and safety.

Construction in Progress


Truck Fenders

Fleet Management and Vehicle Installations

We have expert vehicle fleet installation teams who can efficiently and safety install third-party fleet management products into your company        

vehicles, so you can manage costs, increase safety and monitor valuable assets from anywhere. 

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